The idea of starting a Kennel began with Carmen, a dog imported from Hungary to Mexico on 2002. This Cane Corso female caught a lot of attention on the people close to us, and also in the Dog shows, for her attitude getting along extremely well with all the family members especially with children. Because of the unfamiliarity with the breed, she caught attention for her big size and kindness, the coexistence with these incredible dogs makes you love them definitely, they are extremely intelligent, and very easy to adapt to different environments.
Having Carmen, and knowing the acceptance she had with people, even molosser dog experts, gave us a reason to import more Cane Corsos from Europe to Mexico since 2003 up to date. These dogs have been carefully selected in structure, temperament and blood lines, and all of them come from the finest Cane Corso Kennels, having in short time very important awards in International and National Shows. So Classicorso was born, and our main interest is to breed dogs of excellent quality following the FCI Standard (Federation Cynologique Internationale) as close as we can. This project definitely takes time, a lot of research, and care, this is why the main purpose for us is to breed quality and not quantity.
This type of breed is excellent for families because Cane Corsos are very stable dogs and love all family members, They are incredibly agile, fast, have very strong bones and muscles, and also they are very elegant. These are only a few reasons why you deserve to have a Cane Corso of Classicorso quality. Classicorso is proud to present you dogs of the best quality that had been imported to México in order for you to have the best Italian blood lines in America. We hope you have a pleasant visit to our website.

Best Regards, Monika y Felipe.