We always have been very attracted to rare breeds, and fortunately on a trip to Hungary had the opportunity to see this magnificent breed live in the fields with the shepherds.


This breed is beautiful, physically, hair is something really special in Puli, are cords that are doing over time, and when one sees them run with that characteristic agility and hair flying without hindering them, if not harmonize with them, they are very lovely, loyal, noble and alerts, inseparable from his family, they are also highly intelligent, shepherds lead them with whistles, and seeing them working with cattle, sheep, and what impressed me was that one night when one shepherd with the help of his Pulis was coming back from the

countryside, Pulis knew where to accommodate the different animals that came in the day.


His character is very balanced, very playful, happy to be near her family, children, can live with other pets, very easy to train, take good care do not pull hair and blanketing of them is very simple.


Best Regards, Monika y Felipe.